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The secrets of baking at Atalya’s house

The art of the heavenly babka

Night of Baking

Marathon baking workshops at twilight

Pizza, please

hands on pizza workshop for kids at Craft Pizza

Mexican Love Story

A taco-preparation workshop and an encounter of love and food

Sense the City

A multi-sensory experience that will change everything you thought about food!

“And we’ve got falafel”

There is nothing more Israeli than falafel, just as there is nothing more Israeli than the years-long dispute over where the tastiest falafel can be found — in Jerusalem, of course (where else?). But there’s no easy decision here, either. Join us on a mission of national importance: to locate Jerusalem’s best falafel. We don’t […]

Beer with Ramesses

A museum tour, a lecture, and a meeting of flavors all surrounding beer brewing in ancient Egypt

A Balkan Party

Put on your best mood and come to HaMiffal for Jerusalem’s most colorful food festival. When a Balkan banquet opens its doors, the celebration is contagious, with appetizing food, enchanting music, and everything else — the costumes, colors, tales, and people who insist on rejoicing and spreading joy. You’ll just have no choice but to […]

The Chef Alliance

Sustainable meal – preparing delicacies food from ingredients right before their expiration.


A culinary-musical event that evokes the flavors and sounds of home

Welcoming the Sabbath in Djerba

A lecture, hallah-making workshop, and traditional meal in the style of the Jews of Djerba

Jerusalem via pots and pans

A practical cooking workshop with the Inbal Hotel’s chef

Pasta Siciliana

Sicilian pasta-making workshop – the authentic way!

Mix & Match

Mixology workshop overlooking the Old City walls

Meat & Fire

How to prepare Argentinian smoked meats

Alice and her wonderland

Dinner theater inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland

Nostalgic Candies

Preparing candies, Jerusalem-style

An evening of Israeli wine and tapas

Join us for a lovely afternoon as we travel all over Israel without leaving the Mamilla Hotel’s breathtaking bar


What and how will we eat in the future and what will be our future food experience?

The Craft of Pizza

The workshop for preparing pizza that’s out of this world!

Hummus: A class act

Hummus, opera, and a fundraiser for the Ma’aseh-beh (Good Deeds In…) project

Tales of food in the Old City

Wandering the streets of the Old City, we will be spellbound by the storekeepers and cooks we meet, listening to their stories of the rich culinary culture that grew amid the city’s narrow walls.

The Baker’s Visit

A hands-on culinary session with world-leading bakers

Patterns of the marketplace

A tour inspired by the Mahane Yehuda market and a printing workshop at Beita, the Home for Social Art in the City


Workshop on preparing meat knafeh

Gifts from nature

A picking tour of the Jerusalem Hills, cooking workshop and a 7 course meal

Kids make Ice-cream

An ice-cream workshop at Cookie Cream

What do children like to eat?

Storytime and a meal designed for kids

The flavors of Japan

An evening of Japanese cocktails and fine fish tartare on the side

Moroccan vegan food

Learn how to cook vegan Moroccan cuisine

Bartender, give me za’atar

Beer and tapas tasting

Art & Wine Walk

Art galleries tour and wine tastings

Breaking a record of Sandwiches

Prepare Rachel Ben Elul’s secret sandwich – the XL version

Shabbath Diner

The international travelers’ community chef dinner and musical performance

A special meal at Waldorf Astoria hotel

Chef Barak invites you to a meal that pays honor to the oil that he has created

Fish workshop

The art of selecting, filleting, and preparing fish

The Old House in Ein Karem

A jam workshop and storytelling with the Queen of Jam

Tavern in the market

Appetizers, music, and ouzo

Yellow Wind

A get-together and workshop on how corn has taken over the food industry

Jerusalem style baking with Amir Naor

Eating is one of our most basic actions as humans. Food connects us to our land, the environment we came from, the people and the traditions. One of the foods that most fully expresses our immanent connection to food is the dough in its various forms. From the most basic to the complexities of it, the dough represents tradition and the evolution of culture

Two mothers, two cultures

We will visit two mothers from Jerusalem – women from very different cultures and backgrounds. We’ll sample their cooking and listen to stories from their lives as women and mothers in the environments where they live.