Open Restaurants 2013-2019 Feed Your Curiosity


It was only five years ago that We launched OpenRestaurants™ in Tel Aviv – one of the more fascinating and colorful urban happenings.

This coming November OpenRestaurants™ will take place in Jerusalem for the fourth time, with a wide array of cultural and multidisciplinary events, showcasing the capital’s multitude of cultural institutions, chefs, manufacturers, restaurants and local culinary personalities.

Meeting with leading chefs from around the city, guests of the festival are welcome to  venture  through the open markets, undertake attempts at creating polished, flagship dishes with the guidance of these professionals and welcome a bite-size taste of a day in the life of a true culinary mind. The unmediated experience with high-end chefs, restaurateurs, line-cooks and other various food vendors, attracts thousands of participants.

During the OpenRestaurants™ events, many of Jerusalem’s finest restaurants will open their kitchens for special workshops and dinners, among them Mona, Adom, and Kadosh.

Along with the rare and unique opportunity to enter behind the proverbial curtains of this exclusive culinary society, the festival presents a variety of one-off events that range from gastronomy to history and everything in between – art, design, music, tech & innovation and naturally the passionate consumption of all culinary aspects – events that emerge from the kitchens and encompass every corner the city.

Chefs, artisans, multidisciplinary artists, performers, intellectuals and local culinary personalities – all will take part in our riveting culinary journey in order to lead us to new and fascinating adventure.

While most of the events will be conducted in Hebrew, we have tailored some special packages for tourists with workshops, foodtours and FoodTalks held in English (click here for more details).

Hope to see you celebrating with us,

Merav Oren

Founder & CEO


OpenRestaurants™ team:

Founder – Merav Oren

Managing Director & Business Development – Carmit Oron

Content – Carmit Yochpaz

Producer – Ori Vaknin

Projects manager – Nir Ben David & Liron Siton

Marketing manager – Ravit Havakook

Design – Leehe Erlich

Social Media – Keren Karp

PR – Bat Cohen Lavi

Copyrighting – Libi Shwartz