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From Jerusalem to Algeria and back

Chef Avi Levy takes you to the pots of his childhood in Hamotzi restaurant. The chef, who is known for his authentic food, will demonstrate the preparation of both home and street food from the Algerian and Yerushalmi cuisine he loves, revealing the secrets of their charm. In addition, Levi will demonstrate and explain how […]

Jerusalem Mix: Three Chefs, Three Religions, One Place

Jerusalem Mix – This is a one-time collaboration which combines the holy wind of Jerusalem with incredible people in a place where cultures unite. We invite you to join us for a unique culinary celebration; it’s one of a kind and simply creates a lasting connection. It’s simply Jerusalem. This is the first collaboration of […]

A date with a sommelier / Galilean hills

If there is one thing that everyone knows,  it is that good wine makes every meal perfect. But have you ever stopped a moment before uncorking and wondered what the wine goes through until it reaches the bottle?   The winery in which the wine is made plays a central role in shaping its character and […]

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Jerusalem syndrome

The exhibition will be open throughout the festival, Gallery talk with the artists will take place on Friday, November 17 at 12:00

Ichikidana – Indian vegetarian food

The first thing you notice is a large round tray served in the middle of the table: it’s packed with white rice, a warm lentil dish called dal, and a colorful vegetable stew known as Sabji. The crisp chapati is sliced and tenderly wrapped around a piece of stew, becoming a bite that is pure […]

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