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Urban Culinary Festival

Coming soon…! 13-17 November 2018

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A Tribute to the Kitchen of Rama

A year ago, only one day after it had hosted a workshop, Rama’s Kitchen was burned down. Rama Ben Zvi and Chef Tomer Niv watched the place that they have cultivated for years go up in flames. The two-decades-old institution, which had been established by Rama Ben Zvi twenty-two years ago, was almost an anecdote: […]

Jerusalem syndrome

The exhibition will be open throughout the festival, Gallery talk with the artists will take place on Friday, November 17 at 12:00

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The Israeli Master-culinary TV shows

No matter which channel you zap through, no matter at what time, you will probably see a food show at some point, and you may even watch it for a while. No matter what the genre – reality, cooking shows, talk shows, and even movies, if the main topic is food, then we are there. […]

Chic & Shuk

How do you create an unforgettable guest experience and show off the joie de vivre of the market in a modern kitchen? How does a restaurant transform into a nighttime hotspot?  How do your favorite dishes make it from the market stalls to the plate?  Chef Asaf Seri takes you to visit the world of […]

Roll Together – A sushi workshop for children and parents

When you talk about Japanese food, you will most likely think of sushi. From street food to high-end restaurants, sushi is probably the most prominent ambassador of Japanese cuisine. Its many variations of tastes, shapes, and combinations make it a particularly delicious work of art.  When people talk about Japanese food in Israel, they usually […]

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