Meeting point - Davidka Square | A Taste of Shabat – English

Yana Milinevsky

This activity will be held in English

What’s the difference between Kugel and Kiegel? How was Gefilte fish made in Europe and why did the ingredients change in Israel? What’s the origin of the American bagel? How do you stuff Kreplach? And most important: Where can you find Tchulent during the week? In Jerusalem’s ultra orthodox neighborhoods Shabbat preparations begin already on Wednesdays, when pots with special courses are put on the range for the Shabbat Queen. During the tour we will visit special food locations in the ultra orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem. We’ll try a variety of Eastern European style courses: Herring and pickles, Gefilte fish, Kugel, Tchulent and cheese filled blintzes, Krantz cake, Kamish cookies and Lekach cake.


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