The Taste Train that Runs from East to West and Back

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A unique collaboration for the OpenRestaurants Festival between Citypass Light Rail and the Bitemojo smartphone app

Train travel was never this tasty!

The OpenRestaurants Festival and the Bitemojo application offer you an experience of flavors from all over — from the Mahane Yehuda market to the Old City and Damascus Gate.

Given a choice between delicious foods, we would choose everything… so instead of trying to decide which option is the most worthwhile to taste and the best place to go, we invite you to try a little bit of everything at your own pace and in your own time.

During the days of the festival (from Wednesday until late Friday afternoon, when the Sabbath begins), you will be able to purchase a package of flavors that will enable you to travel freely on the Citypass Light Rail and enjoy several tasting alternatives (you can choose one, five or ten tasting options) at the eateries, restaurants, food stalls, and artisans who have set up shop near the light rail stations between Damascus Gate, the Old City, the city center, and the Mahane Yehuda market.

At Nablus Gate, you will find the best Arab cuisine that the Old City has to offer — Acramawi’s hummus, delicacies from the Al-Amin Bakery, Mahabash  , Yavni  Falafel, and Al Jebrini tahini from the factory.

At the light-rail station near the municipality complex, you will continue your culinary journey in the Old City (near Jaffa Gate) with shawarma and hummus , and from there to tastings of high-quality alcoholic drinks at Biratenu – the Jerusalem Beer Center  – or Glen Whiskey Bar , and even a short hop to Europe at Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center  or Luciana Italian House .

At the Jaffa Street station downtown, you will be able to take a coffee break at the Tmol Shilshom café or in Beitcafé . Get off at the Davidka Square stop to pamper yourself with something delicious from the Hamotzi Restaurant.

At the Mahane Yehuda stop, you can go wild with Jerusalem cuisine from all over the culinary spectrum — drinks at Uzi-Eli’s shop, Beer Bazaar, Khachapuri, Hashchena, Tap and Tail, Hummus Arbes, Haba, Marzipan, Boutique Central, Cookie Cream, Argento, Jachnun Bar, Pepito’s, Hatch, Morduch, Joseph Burger Bar, Jimmy’s Parliament, Shuka, Roasters Café, Street Market, Basher, and Levy Brothers Falafel.

Worth your time? Yes! Worthwhile? Very! Tasty? Absolutely!

So yalla — get on the train!


 Costs of samples tickets, including day passes :

One sample, ticket including one day free-pass on Citypass: NIS 25

Five samples, ticket including one day free-pass on Citypass: NIS 100

Ten samples, ticket including one day free-pass on Citypass: NIS 180

The tickets are valid only during the festival, according to the establishments’ opening hours as they appear on the mobile app.


Tickets can be purchased here on the website and picked up at the tourism information stands in the following locations: Tzahal Square (near Safra Square), The Mahane Yehuda market, The Israel Museum

To buy tickets click here



The Bitemojo smartphone application — an Israeli innovation — is the first application in the world that enables users to get to know a place through its food and places of interest. Using the app, you can embark on an independent culinary tour in your own time and at your own pace while enjoying convenient, friendly navigation, a series of high-quality samples of the best local cuisine chosen and purchased  just for you, and unexpected places of interest that connect you with the place where you are traveling. Bitemojo operates in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Rome, and Berlin.

After buying the tickets, download the free application for your device – click here for the link to the devices
iPhone / Android

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you must open a new user (if you do not already have one) with the same email address which you made your order.
The package you purchased will be displayed under ‘My Trips’ in your app user 48 hours before your order date.

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