Open Restaurants Feed Your Curiosity

Open Restaurants comes to Jerusalem

The urban culinary festival, which has become one of the more fascinating happenings in Tel Aviv over the past years, will take place in Jerusalem this year, with a wide array of cultural and multidisciplinary events, showcasing the capital’s multitude of cultural institutions, chefs, manufacturers, restaurants and local culinary personalities.

The festival program includes many unique events: The light rail will turn into a glittering cocktail party for a night, and Chefs Yahaloma Levi, Assaf Granite, Nir Zuk and Nana Shreier will guide special tours at the Israel Museum. Guests from abroad, such as Paris-based Tal Spiegel of the Desserted in Paris Instagram will lead a workshop focused on patisseries and design and blog and Ido Garini of Studio Appetit from the Netherlands will showcase a special Food-Confessions display & perfrmance. Singer Maureen Nehedar and food blogger Rotem Lieberson will host an evening of Persian music and cuisine, and Alliance House will open its doors to a Mad Hatter tea party.


During the Open Restaurants events, many of Jerusalem’s finest restaurants will open their kitchens for special workshops and dinners, among them Machneyuda, Hamotzi, Adom, Rama’s Kitchen, and Azura.

“The city of Jerusalem is full of culinary surprises, entertainment and culture. Dozens of cafes, bars and restaurants, some of the best in the country, can be found in the streets and alleys of Jerusalem. We are glad to have been chosen to host the Open Restaurants project in this wonderful and unique city and are sure that it will be a great success, with many special cultural and culinary events,” says Noam Rizi of the Jerusalem Restaurant Association.


Another part of the Open Restaurant project are the many food tours, in the Old City, in the ultra orthodox neighborhoods, and the Machane Yehuda Market (day and night). Bitemojo, the self-guided food tours app initially developed in Berlin will make its Israeli debut with two separate tours. Some of the city’s leading hotels, including Alegra, American Colony and Herbert Samuel will offer workshops with their chefs and special rates for accommodation.

While most of the events will be held in Hebrew, there’s plenty for the Hebrew challenged public as well, including Thanksgiving workshops at Abraham Hostel, food walking tours of the ultra orthodox neighborhoods, an evening/night tour starting in the Nahalat Shiva neighborhood and ending in Machane Yehuda, and many more. Naomi-Abliovic  will talk (in English) about Ottolenghi’s Antology: Memories, traditions and Jerusalem food and there is even a guided tour of Machane Yehuda market in English for children.

The Open Restaurant Project is an initiative by Merav Oren, multidisciplinary entrepreneur, founder of WMN & CEO of Agora – The Public Space.