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Jerusalem Fuckup Nights: Jerusalem’s Culinary World

So the egg broke in the batter, or you used salt instead of baking soda, or you burned the steak. No need for drama — there are culinary catastrophes far worse than yours!
If you have never heard about Fuckup Nights, it is time you did! This new entrepreneurial community is not afraid to talk about the failures that they accumulated on the way to success. In monthly get-togethers, four speakers whom we all know get up on the stage and talk about their greatest failures in order to encourage others to create and succeed. In Jerusalem, the group operates in collaboration with Siftech, Jerusalem’s first social-technological accelerator, and PresenTense, an organization that works to make entrepreneurship accessible to 100 percent of Israel’s population.

As part of the OpenRestaurants Festival in Jerusalem and the official opening of WeWork’s first Jerusalem branch, Fuckup Nights will host a festive evening of glorious culinary foul-ups. In order to make you hungry for more, we will not give away too much information. But just to whet your appetite, leading chefs, food-tech entrepreneurs, foodies, and others will tell us how they succeeded — but the main focus will be on where they didn’t!

* The event is free of charge, but involves registration on the site

This activity will be held in Hebrew

About the Location

WeWork is about to open its first coworking space in Jerusalem in the old Mashbir building on King George Street – after launching its presence in the capital with the Creator Awards ceremony last June. The complex, which will operate like the rest of WeWork’s workspaces in the rest of the country, will be a home for self-employed people and for companies that want to work in a special, alternative setting. WeWork operates in collaboration with the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Jerusalem municipality to ensure that the local community that they manage reflects the diversity of populations in Jerusalem and hosts members from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

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