The Oldest House in Ein Kerem | !It’s Tea Time

Shoshana Karbasi

A tea party and workshop with the Queen of Jam

The British are coming back to Ein Kerem! It is told that during the Mandate period, Ein Kerem was their favorite place to spend Sundays. They would visit the cafés there and enjoy hospitality at the mukhtars’ homes.

As part of the OpenRestaurants Festival, poet and storyteller Shoshana Karbassi will host you in her private home. The Oldest House in Ein Kerem will re-create the tradition of English tea parties, featuring teapots and teacups of the finest porcelain, trays of scones with crème fraîche and jam, biscuits, brioche, and cheese sandwiches. The jewel in the crown will be jams prepared by Jams and Roses, which cooks up its delicacies in the old house and offers more than a hundred kinds of jam, sauces, and dips, including spicy and rare varieties of jam.
The experience will feature workshops where participants will prepare jam, and each person will take home a jar of jam and a poem. The jam workshop is the perfect excuse to hear stories from poet and storyteller Shoshana Karbassi. Music will accompany the program, which will be a celebration of flavors, fragrances, and history. .

On the menu:
Tea served in the English style, with porcelain teapots and teacups
Coffee for those who cannot do without it
Small royal sandwiches of the following kinds: cream cheese and salmon, cucumber and butter, and goat cheese with various types of jam prepared by Jam and Roses
Soup à la Diana: Cream of carrot soup with pumpkin seeds. This was Princess Diana’s favorite soup.
Two kinds of salad:
Lettuce varieties in geranium and rose syrup dressing with almond slivers
Lettuce leaves with cherry tomatoes, beets, pears, walnuts, and blue cheese
English scones served with crème fraîche, butter, and berry jam
Brioche with red jam
Berry cake served with sour cream and berry cream
Sweet and savory biscuits and a variety of jams from the boutique jam shop in the courtyard of the Oldest House; hot cider with wine, cinnamon and oranges

* This activity will be held in Hebrew

Photos credit: Shy Dror

About the Location

The Oldest House in Ein Kerem is the home of poet and storyteller Shoshana Karbassi. Part of it is 350 years old, and part of it was built in the nineteenth century. One of the most exciting homes in Jerusalem, it is a museum that hosts cultural and culinary activities, has an ancient winepress in the basement, and roofs with spectacular views. Visiting it is an experience that will take your breath away.

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