Gatsby | Fiesta: A Mexican wintertime celebration

Gatsby and Luis Tacos

No real Mexican fiesta is complete without rivers of mezcal flowing into drinking glasses like water. While Israelis have only recently made the acquaintance of mezcal, Mexico’s national drink, the Mexicans have had it for two thousand years. Unlike mezcal’s younger and better-known sibling, tequila, which is distilled only from the blue agave plant, mezcal is made from any variety of agave that exists in Mexico (of which there are quite a few), and by a smoking process that makes it more intriguing and of much higher quality. When mezcal is added to margaritas, the party is just getting started!

As part of the OpenRestaurants Festival, the much-praised Gatsby Bar is opening its doors for a hot Mexican wintertime celebration! Enjoy a lunch without borders: All the margaritas you can drink right from Gatsby’s bar, which will go wonderfully well with all the tacos you can eat, created by Luis Cruz of Tacos Luis. The party will feature Mexican music and food that will take you straight to the other side of the earth.
In addition, a small group of up to twenty-five people will have a chance to enjoy a workshop with the owners of Mezcal IBA in Israel, who will tell us a bit about the drink, the difference between mezcal and tequila, and why mezcal is so much more sexy.
Migel Lazaro, also known as LAZARO SOUNTSYSTEM, is a producer, drummer and DJ, and will be incharge for the music at the party. His specialty is African-Caribbean rhythms (and what’s in between) that will make you get up and start moving on the dance floor.

Forget about taking a Friday afternoon siesta and come for a real Mexican fiesta that you will never forget… no matter how much mezcal you drink!

13:00-14:00 – Meet the ugly sister of taquila – a lecture from the importer of IBA , the best selling Mazkal in Israek

14:00-17:00- Fiesta !

* Participation in the lecture is an additional fee of 20 NIS.
* Leacture will be held in Hebrew

About the Location

Gatsby is Jerusalem’s first and most decorated cocktail bar. Its design looks like it came straight from the American Roaring Twenties — the Prohibition era when alcohol consumption was forbidden by law and went underground into speakeasies in the most unexpected places, giving rise to a lively and daring culture. The Gatsby, which is named after the protagonist of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel for good reason, will take you on a mixological journey of open and hidden flavors from that glittering era.

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