Gatsby | Fairy Tale Night

Oscar Zuckerman

Cocktails and bites out of legend

In fairy tales, mythology, and even in the Talmud, the unicorn has always saved the human protagonist of the tale, to the extent that its popularity has only increased and it remains a fixture in the fantasy world of happiness, joy, and purity. Even when it is commercialized and becomes high-demand, marketed merchandise, the unicorn still keeps its magic. Look at it and try to think one evil thought. You will not be able to.

Now, for the first time in human history, Gatsby’s cocktail wizards have succeeded in distilling this magic into a perfect flower liqueur that, like the unicorn, makes everything it touches a good deal better. Join us for an evening when we launch this new liquor inspired by the legends that brought the unicorn into our lives. Learn about this unique drink and the spices it contains; sip cocktails based on the unicorn, which is worthy of the princesses and princes that you are, as you taste special entrées created by Oscar Zuckerman, Gatsby’s chef, inspired by folk tales from different countries, and perfectly coordinated with cocktails chosen from the menu. We promise that it will be magical!

* Ticket includs 2 cocktails and 2 delicious treats

* This activity will be held in Hebrew

Photos credit: Shy Dror, Igor Favrov

About the Location

Gatsby is Jerusalem’s first and most decorated cocktail bar. Its design looks like it came straight from the American Roaring Twenties — the Prohibition era when alcohol consumption was forbidden by law and went underground into speakeasies in the most unexpected places, giving rise to a lively and daring culture. The Gatsby, which is named after the protagonist of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel for good reason, will take you on a mixological journey of open and hidden flavors from that glittering era.

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