Casino de Paris | Shaken, not stirred

An evening of cocktails inspired by the British Mandate period

The magnificent casino located in the Georgian open-air market was a lively meeting place during the 1930s. British officers sipped whiskey and gin like water as ladies clad in bright silks smoked cigarettes with elegant holders. They wore their finest clothes, knew just which drinks to order, and the right poet to read. Although the decorated tiles and past opulence are long forgotten, Casino de Paris is still a pilgrimage destination for artists, intellectuals, musicians, art students, and Tel Avivians who dream of mountain air clear as wine. They all come to drink in atmosphere and inspiration with their cocktails, with salted fish on the side.

A century later, Casino de Paris will reopen for a single night to give us a peek at the elegance of times past, dressed in its officers’ club best for a style-filled cocktail evening. The walls, the furnishings, the bar, and even the staff will put on the spirit of the time in scenery and costume. You, too, are invited to leave your t-shirts and sneakers at home and dress up, as is fitting for ladies and gentlemen of the 1930s. Live music and a D.J. will set the stage, and festive cocktails will be featured on the menu.
So enter our time machine and come enjoy an evening of shaken, not stirred….

* The ticket includes one ‘Mandat’ cocktail and snacks

Photos credit: Shy Dror, Casino de Paris

About the Location

The casino is the first bar to open inside the Mahane Yehuda market, in the courtyard of the Georgian shuk. The tapas and food bar, owned by Shaanan Streett and Eli Mizrahi, former chairman of Mahane Yehuda’s board of directors, opened atop the ruins of the Casino de Paris, which was notorious during the Mandate era, and quickly transformed it into the best place in the city to bring artists together with market-stall owners, tourists, and Jerusalemites young and old. The menu features a variety of local beer, wine, and terrific cocktails alongside small dishes created in the nearby shuk and inspired by it.

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