Yudale (Mahaneyuda grp) | Chic & Shuk

Chef Asaf Seri


How do you create an unforgettable guest experience and show off the joie de vivre of the market in a modern kitchen? How does a restaurant transform into a nighttime hotspot? 

How do your favorite dishes make it from the market stalls to the plate? 

Chef Asaf Seri takes you to visit the world of the happy bar Yudale, the younger, more exciting brother of Machneyuda. After a cup of morning coffee, take a tour with Seri to his favorite stalls in Mahane Yehuda market, do some shopping, and return to the open kitchen of Yudale. In the kitchen, Seri will demonstrate how to turn excellent raw materials into superb food while giving explanations of the raw materials, and how to work with them.  

You will experience the fire of kitchen life, the fun, the inner jokes and secrets of the people behind the intimate hospitality of Yudale, all while treating yourself to good food, delightful desserts, and excellent wine. 

Hours of event: 11:00-15:00

This Activity will be held in Hebrew

About the Location

One year after opening the Machneyuda restaurants, its owners joined the worldwide trend of opening a nearby bar, keeping the culinary line of the restaurants but loosening the starched shirts and ties, and opened Yudale, a happy food bar. In the center of Yudale is the open kitchen, surrounded by a bar, where the diners can watch chef Asaf Seri and his sous-chefs as they prepare the seasonally based courses of the daily changing menu. This direct connection between the staff and the guests creates an informal atmosphere that takes the “happy food” concept of its big brother Machneyuda one step further.

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