Mamilla Hotel | Israeli wine tasting and Tapas

Kobi BacharEfi Kotz

An evening of Israeli wine and tapas

Wine can take us on a journey of places and stories, time, and the vintners who created it. It can take us on a trip of flavors and depths, unexpected connections and exciting combinations. It can move us from the first moment of excitement when we realize that we have discovered our favorites through each new discovery, and finally to the brief encounters between a beloved wine and the perfect bite of food that fills us with delight.

Join us for a lovely afternoon as we travel all over Israel without leaving the Mamilla Hotel’s breathtaking bar.
Efi Kotz, the director of the Mamilla Hotel’s wine cellar and its chief sommelier, will take us on a magical tasting journey of Israeli wines. We will taste five wines from boutique wineries, and each wine will be accompanied by tapas that match its characteristics and flavor, created especially for us by the hotel’s chef, Kobi Bachar, formerly of the Tel Aviv restaurant Mul Yam. We will talk about the art of matching wine to entrées, as well as complementary and perfect flavors and the magic of the perfect pairing between bite and sip.

 This activity will be held in Hebrew

About the Location

In the beating heart of downtown Jerusalem, near Alrov Mamilla Avenue, with its lively shopping and entertainment area, and opposite the spectacular Old City walls, the Tower of David, and Jaffa Gate, is the boutique, luxury Mamilla Hotel. Its placement in Jerusalem combines old and new harmoniously in a location that is the perfect blend of Jerusalem’s rich historical and spiritual heritage and the life of a modern city. The hotel was designed in collaboration with the world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie and superior designer Piero Lissoni. The Mamilla Hotel’s Mirror Bar, a cosmopolitan establishment with a breathtaking design, offers tastes of gourmet delicacies and a unique cocktail menu. The bar’s space is surrounded by mirrors, and a chandelier designed by Piero Lissoni runs along the length of the room. Its reflections give the bar a hypnotic appearance. At the end of the bar is a smoking room that offers cigars of the highest quality. The menu features alcoholic drinks and wine together with tastes of gourmet delicacies and cocktails that are offered only here.

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