Meeting Point - Jaffa Gate | Food Stories in the Old City in English

Tamar Shilo

Within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, humbly and modestly hides a culinary culture, unbeknownst to most, that is particularly extensive and appetizing. This tour will reveal the food legends of the Old City. We will visit restaurants specializing in hummus peeking out from between souvenir shops and Middle Eastern juice stands.  It is there that we will find traditional hummus which has just been created into a wonderful fragrant dip, served with a heavenly pita.  We will taste a stack of the best authentic Makloubah, where every grain of rice glistens golden with an essence of turmeric. We will continue in the direction of the shops of fabrics and toys, where the wonderful aroma of fresh tahini, which has been produced by an ancient method passed on down for generations. We will sit at the Czech’s and dip the traditional sesame cookies in tea with mint. We will visit Yitzhak and Yaakov, the two Muslim brothers who sell the best spices in Israel, hear their extraordinary stories and taste various kinds of mixtures. For the finale, we will make wonderful sweet treats from the neighboring Arab countries: Awamat, a glistening doughnut dipped in sweet honey, Baklawa, that melts in your mouth, and Basbousa which you will never taste anywhere else.

  • The tour will be held in English

This is a long tour, the tour hours; 10:00-16:00



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