“Ha’Shchena Bar” (The Neighbor Bar) | From Spain to Jerusalem

Juanjo PerlesTali Friedman - The Jerusalem Atelier

The Atelier of Tali Friedman and Chef Juanjo Perles

Clear your calendar and put your cares aside. Take a break from shopping and cooking for Shabbat for a quick trip to Spain.

Chef Juanjo Perles, named Spain’s Best Promising Chef  for 2017, together with chefs from Tal Friedman’s atelier in the Mahane Yehuda market, invite you for a tapas break at HaShchena Bar. Starting early in the morning, they will assemble the best that the shuk has to offer, so that by 11 A.M. they will be ready to serve inspired tapas that form a link between the tradition of Spain and the cuisine of Jerusalem, on opposite sides of the Mediterranean Sea. They will also offer excellent entrées with a glass of wine that will hit the spot.

Come by when you can and choose the combination that is right for you — either two tapas or five, each option served with a chaser and a glass of wine. You won’t even have to decide in advance. You can eat standing up if you wish or find a comfortable place to sit, and once you have enjoyed the food and wine to the fullest, you can take a Friday afternoon siesta. All this without even having to leave Jerusalem!

Purchase at the event itself – 120 NIS for 2 tapas, chaser and a glass of wine OR 250 NIS for 5 tapas and 2 glasses of wine.

Each additional tapas will cost 40 NIS.

This activity will be held in Hebrew and English


Juanjo Perles, the executive chef of La Sole del Pimpi and a member of Euro-Toques, the European chefs’ association, was named Spain’s most promising chef for 2017.

About the Location

HaShchena Bar awaits you at the edge of the Mahane Yehuda market. Come hang out with the regulars on the terrace or underground, sip a glass of homemade limoncello and savor some tapas. The music here ranges between a block party and combinations of indie, electronic, and even pop. On a Friday in winter, there might even be a jam session with live music.

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