Hansen House | Not by Kugel Alone

Moderator - Tali Farkash

A panel of Haredi women entrepreneurs in culinary arts

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Haredi food”? If you find yourself thinking of kugel, kreplach, and gefilte fish, think again!
The ongoing culinary revolution taking place around the globe, in which food is an object of desire first and a necessity second, in which social media enables the exchange of recipes, tips, and experiences, has not bypassed the Haredi world, whose cuisine was perceived until quite recently as belonging to the “Old World” — with its color, flavor, and style stuck in the past. Anyone who comes across the Hebrew-language Facebook group Foodos — Foodies Who Keep Kosher (“foodos” — a play on the term “foodies,” is a combination of the word “food” and the Hebrew slang term “dos,” meaning “religiously observant”) will be amazed to see lively discussions among the tens of thousands of group members who are devoted to high-quality food. Members recommend restaurants, wines to pair with various entrées, and places abroad where one can find delicious kosher food. This is as far from kugel as one gets.

The Foodos group is only one facet of the trend. There are also Instagram pages and YouTube channels, as well as workshops and magazines devoted to the kosher foodie culture. More and more Haredi women, devoted foodies, are working to change the way kosher food is perceived and talked about in Israel and to place kosher food at the forefront of Israeli culinary culture. In a special encounter as part of the OpenRestaurants Festival, we will bring women entrepreneurs from the developing Haredi culinary universe together for a conversation about the changes and transformations going on from their perspective. What form do these changes take? How do they influence the home kitchen? How do they influence the restaurant world? What does the future hold? The discussion will take place from an authentic and direct perspective on Haredi culinary culture.

The Participants:
Tehila Simon, a culinary entrepreneur, editor of the food magazine Te’imot (“Tastes”), and administrator of the Facebook group Foodos — Foodies Who Keep Kosher
Efrat Liberfroined, chef and master baker. Graduate of prestigious baking institutions abroad; director of the baking track at the Dan Gourmet Fine Culinary Arts Cooking Centre in Tel Aviv. Owner of a boutique bakery, cookbook author, and gastronomy lecturer who appears all over the world.
Malki Edri , A leading pastry chef and a pastry chef. Owner of a boutique bakery, writes for food magazines, develops recipes for commercial companies and gives workshops to an elite bakery.
Moran Pinto, chef and owner of a gourmet catering business; editor of the Kikar HaShabbat website’s food column; prominent figure on Instagram and YouTube.
Michal Zilbershlag, cook and baker, founder of the Kosher & Tasty brand, which offers cooking and baking workshops and hospitality workshops.
Moderator: Tali Farkash, Ynet’s Jewish affairs reporter, publicist, and social activist

* The event is free, but requires advance registration on the website
* This activity will be held in Hebrew
Photo credit: Shiran Karmel


About the Location

Jerusalem’s Protestant community built Hansen House as a lepers’ hospital in 1887. The building’s planner was the German architect Conrad Schick. KKL-JNF bought the complex in 1950 and continued to use it for its original purpose. The building’s ownership was transferred to the Jerusalem municipality in 2009 for renovation and preservation. In 2014, after years of having been closed to the public, the complex was opened under the management of the Jerusalem Development Authority as a center for design, media, and technology. In its new incarnation, Hansen House conducts a variety of events, including exhibitions, film screenings, master classes, lectures, and advanced creation labs. A research group also works there, together with various technology and design artists such as the Mamuta Art and Research Center, the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund, Toolbox, Erev-Rav Magazine, PICO Makerspace, and the advanced-degree programs of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

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