Dwini Pita Bar | Jerusalem in a Pita

Chef Dini Kasorela


Dwini, the intimate eatery helmed by chef Dini Kasorela is a whole world in itself – the latest Jerusalem culinary sensation, all served in a pita. 

The simple, homey food is prepared here with sincere love that is felt in every bite. Kasorela prepares good food for those who want to eat well – a juicy chrayme fish, absorbed in the pita will get you addicted, osso buco which melts in your mouth and barbounias that will flirt with you. The vegan version will make you doubt everything you know about vegan food. Oh, and the three-steps chips are a must! 

Kasorella will lead you on an appetizing journey with a delicious-tasting meal of the best of her creations that are suitable for everyone – carnivores, fish lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike. To tickle your throat and sweeten the day, each bite will be accompanied by a sip of the wonder drink – almond arak prepared on the spot. 

This activity will be held in Hebrew


Duration of activity: About 2 Hours

About the Location

Chef Dwiny Kasorla’s small eatery in the Machane Yehuda market is a world of its own - a Jerusalem culinary world that fits right into a pita (or on a bruschetta).


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