Vegan Bites

Nurit Hertz

A walking tour of Jerusalem’s vegan scene

Guide: Nurit Hertz, vegan chef and Jerusalem tour guide who specializes in foraging tours and vegan and Indian cooking

Just a few years ago, the rise of the vegan movement caused an earthquake in the culinary world. The realization that veganism is no passing trend, but a values-based and meaningful lifestyle, led an increasing number of eateries, from neighborhood cafés to high-end restaurants, to include vegan entrées on their menus. The demand to recognize this growing community of foodies who abstain from all animal products has caused restaurant owners to take their vegan entrées seriously and serve their clientele vegan food that is original, interesting, and every bit as tasty and well-crafted as the other entrées on the menu, if not better.
Traditional Jerusalem has also opened up, over time, to the flavors and changes that veganism has brought to the culinary world in Israel and abroad. A growing number of long-existing restaurants in the city now serve vegan food that is rich, exciting, and surprising. In this new walking tour, we will visit the Nagila Restaurant, the Mitz Marak Restaurant, and Café Nocturno. We will learn where to find excellent vegan food, pamper ourselves with bites to raise our spirits, and see how the vegetarian versions of meat or fish entrées are prepared.

* This activity will be held in Hebrew


*The tour will be as planned in case of light rain, it is recommended to bring an umbrella. Please come with comfortable shoes.

* Meeting point – Cats’ Square

Photos credit: Tomer Foltin, Nocturno

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