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An evening with the vintner of Amphorae Winery

Good wine makes an already good meal a perfect one. The first bite of an entrée is a moment of discovery, filling the whole body with a pleasant surprise that makes it the best bite of all, a perfect meeting of flavors. It is the magic of this meeting that helped create Primitivo, Jerusalem’s leading wine bar, where the choicest wines combine with entrées that that will give you a reason to rejoice.

Join the vintner of Amphorae Winery, Meiram Harel, one of Israel’s top wineries, for a one-time dinner at Primitivo, which does good wine justice. Aged wines from Amphorae’s Vintner’s Choice line, which are unknown to the general public, will be served with the entrées, which will be prepared in the kitchen of Chef Diane Eitan. The Vintner’s Choice line, which represents a conversation between Amphorae’s winemakers, is the team’s own private creation. The winemakers are given free access to Amphorae’s wine cellars so that they can choose, and combine, different and unique wine varieties. Asaf Azar, who’s been the winery’s sommelier for the past few years, will be joining to Harel the vinter. Amphora Winery wishes to raise the culinary flag and together with Assaf they chose to match the dishes to be served to the wines, to complete the one-time experienc


As you enjoy each bite and sip, you will hear about the winery and the vineyard where the wine grapes are grown, how the wine is made, what makes its flavor unique, and why each variety was paired with a particular course. Most important, you will be able to ask the man who decides what you will be drinking anything you want to know about wine but had no one to ask.

Background – Amphorae Winery :
Amphorae Winery was founded in 2000 on Moshav Kerem Maharal. The wine was first made in the covered pavilion on the farm, until some years ago, when winemaking was moved to an impressive, spacious stone structure that was built near the farm’s entrance. The wine production facility is located in this new, lovely building, as is the winery’s visitor center. In the quest for perfection and high-quality, world-class standards, the winery recruited Michel Rolland, among the world’s most important and admired wine consultants.

The winery and the farm are pioneers in using ecologically friendly methods in wine production, and will soon be increasing their efforts to conserve energy and reduce environmental pollution — all of which they do without affecting their wines’ superior quality.


 This activity will be held in Hebrew


Photos credit: Eti Namir, Tomer Foltin

About the Location

After transforming the Menza Restaurant into a well-known destination on the local culinary scene, its owners, Uri Inbar and Tomer Keisar, decided to open a new place that would combine their love of food and their work with wine. Thus was born Primitivo, a cheeky eatery just two hundred meters from Menza, its staid older sibling. Primitivo, which sports an enormous bar in the middle of the space, features an extensive wine list, with such categories as Aromatic and Thirst-Quenching, Earthy and Warming, Fragrant and Fruity, and Rich and Stimulating.

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