Nocturno | How Do You Say “Rock ’n’ Roll” in Vegan?

How do the sounds we hear, the people we follow, and the online groups we join affect the food we eat?
Everyone knows by now that the vegan revolution left its trendiness behind long ago and is now mainstream. For millions of people, it is a way of life. In the global village where everyone is connected to everyone else, we are exposed to the echo of the sounds and voices that reach us through information sources and penetrate our awareness. The values of animal rights, compassion, and the protection of the weak are gaining strength and integrating into daily life for more and more people who are learning about them on social media, from social activists, and even through music and art.
On this vegan Jerusalem evening, music, people and food will combine to offer a multi-sensory experience that inspires an animal- and earth-friendly lifestyle.

Geva Alon will give an acoustic performance. Alon is a guitar virtuoso, one of the most prominent folk-rock artists in the Israeli scene. Approximately two years ago, he established, together with Jango and Assaf Riess, the rock band Vegan Friendly, all of whose members are vegan.

The administrators of the Jerusalem Vegans group will pick apart the vegan revolution, counter myths, and talk about the relationship between digital media and the changes that many Jerusalem residents are making in their food choices.
The audience can enjoy Nocturno’s vegan menu during the evening (prices not included in admission to the performance). Its dishes include hamburger, shakshuka, lasagna, tofu shawarma, chestnut pasta, Asian-style pasta, kubbeh soup, and desserts — all of them vegan.
Come and listen and speak, and feel the revolution that was born in the virtual world and is sweeping across the real world!

* This activity will be held in Hebrew

Photos credit: Guli Cohen

About the Location

Nocturno, Jerusalem’s well-known café-restaurant, has been known for more than twenty-one years as a cultural institution and hangout for intellectuals and art students. Its inviting, home-like atmosphere and unique design have made it especially popular among people who are searching for a quiet corner, meals prepared with care, and high-quality coffee. Nocturno is located in downtown Jerusalem’s Designers in the City pavilion, which houses boutique fashion and jewelry shops and functions as one of Jerusalem’s best-loved cultural centers. One of the first restaurants in Israel to offer a vegan menu, Nocturno is a leader in Jerusalem’s vegan revolution. Among the many entrées it offers are a vegan breakfast with an abundance of side dishes, vegan shakshuka with tahini, hamburger made from portobello mushrooms with salad and pickled vegetables, vegan shawarma in a tortilla with salad and tahini, vegan quiche, vegan sandwiches with salad on the side, vegan salads, and vegan pasta.

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