Adom Restaurant | The Knights of the Red Table

Chefs Moti David and Yotam Cohen

A Decadent Meal Served at Night

Jousting was not the only thing that knights were known for. Even when they were just starting out as young men, knights learned how to pour wine and carve meat; the ceremony of a meal was just as important as that of a battle. At the end of a long day of hard physical exertion, the knights would gather around a large table for a magnificent, if rough, meal. The menu contained meat, meat, and more meat. The atmosphere was free, the flavors rich, and wine was poured like water.

The Adom Restaurant takes us back to the Middle Ages with a meal fit for the knights of Jerusalem. Late at night, when all the day’s chores are done and everyone has gone to sleep — that is when you will start to celebrate. Hitch your horses at the door, leave your armor at the entrance, and put your swords on airplane mode, for the knights’ nighttime dinner is about to begin!

Once we are seated at the long table in the center of the restaurant, we will begin with a focaccia of prosciutto, arugula, and persimmon, scorched beet and red grapefruit salad, salad of tomato with torn sourdough bread pieces, green salad with smoked vinaigrette dressing, and enormous loaves of bread baked on the premises and served with dips. Then comes the meat, of all kinds: whole turkey roasted in mustard, honey and rosemary; cold roasted entrecote beef ; goose roulade stuffed with bread and soft-boiled eggs, and slow-cooked beef cheek. This meal features pungent flavors and rough, rural-style cooking that pulls no punches. We end with a table of rustic desserts. Eat your fill and drink the alcohol, for knights need a lot of energy!

This activity will be held in Hebrew

About the Location

The Adom Restaurant and Wine Bar, which was established eighteen years ago, quickly became a Jerusalem institution specializing in food, wine, excellent service, and a great atmosphere. This Jerusalem bistro, which draws its inspiration from Mediterranean cuisines — Italian first among them, followed by French — serves meticulously-prepared and varied food, including meat smoked on the premises, fish and seafood, thick pasta, and risotto. Chef YOtam Cohen adds new entrées each day, inspired by his wild creativity and a seasonal menu based on the daily supply in the shuk. Adom, which offers an intimate, homelike atmosphere, is located in the First Station compound, which was constructed recently on the foundations of the historic railway station.

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