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A day in chef’s life

Do you have a dream of a second career but are hesitant to make the big move? Perhaps you’ve always had a tremendous passion for food, but simply do not know how to start? Do you feel that you are not appreciated enough in your home kitchen? Maybe you feel that it’s time to improve […]

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Passion fruit cream, sea salt, sabras, lychee and even basil. Dark milk and even white chocolate. When Forrest Gump released one of the most famous movie scenes into the world, he didn’t even know that the possibilities were so abundant. Such are the pralines of Ya’ara Kalmanovitch’s cocoa forest, full of surprises that delight the […]

More Than a Mimuna – a workshop for making Moroccan sweets

:The flour is poured into a bowl, no weighing or measuring needed, and it is mixed with liquids. Following a quick kneading, it becomes a flexible dough not left to rest. Small circles are shaped, one after the other, and turned into rings that only wait to enter the hot oil pot. They are carefully […]

Romanticism of Flavors – at Bergman House

Executive chef Nadav Malin of Luiza Catering is a graduate of the Gastronomic Sciences in Italy and Spain, and invites you to a surprising and deceptive meal with seven courses, each serving only one color at a time. “Eating with our eyes” is not just an expression; in fact, the color of a meal is […]

From Asia With Love – Asian Cuisine

Tickets will be available for purchase from October 17th This activity will be held in Hebrew The Asian cuisine is a stormy lover. The flavors, colors and combinations served are always surprising and exciting. Station 9’s chef, Ron Finzi will take you to the secrets of the cuisine that has taken the whole world by a […]

Roll Together – A sushi workshop for children and parents

When you talk about Japanese food, you will most likely think of sushi. From street food to high-end restaurants, sushi is probably the most prominent ambassador of Japanese cuisine. Its many variations of tastes, shapes, and combinations make it a particularly delicious work of art.  When people talk about Japanese food in Israel, they usually […]

Morning brioche

This activity will be held in Hebrew Just like all pastry chefs, you will rise for an early morning meeting with David Laor in his bakery, for a hands-on workshop of brioche baking. Laor, an expert baker of French morning pastries, will introduce you to the tricks, recipes and secrets of the wonderful French classic. […]

Tea, alcohol and in between

Have you ever thought of going for a drink in a tea house? In general, there is no connection between the hot drink that you dip cookies in and the drink that blurs the senses, except perhaps for the pleasant warmth that floods the body with each sip. In fact, history shows significant similarities between […]

The Magic of Japanese tea

If you want to understand Japanese culture, Japanese tea is the perfect place to start. The Japanese take their tea drinking very seriously. In the 13th century, the Japanese tea ceremony became a social and aesthetic event with clear rules. By the 16th century, it turned into a real art. Every movement is calculated, and […]

A Night at the Holy City

This activity will be held in Hebrew At night, the holy city wakes up and goes out for some fun. The city center fills with tables laden with food and drinks and a wide variety of party revelers. We’ll start our tour in the ever-changing Nahalat Shiva neighborhood, and end up at the continuous party […]

Night at the ultra-orthodox neighborhood

This activity will be held in Hebrew Want a nighttime food tour of Jewish food at its best? Over the last few years, a new window of opportunity has been uncovered in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem. It’s a one-time, multi-sensory experience following the Yeshiva students’ life.  After long hours of studying Bible, they go […]

Chai. Make it Yourself!

What is so special about this flavorful Indian drink which mixes tea and milk with aromatic spices? In the chai workshop of Halita’tea, you will learn about the origin of  chai, how it is was transformed from a slave drink to a drink of the elites, and especially how to make a perfect chai.  In […]

A Taste of Shabat – English

This activity will be held in English What’s the difference between Kugel and Kiegel? How was Gefilte fish made in Europe and why did the ingredients change in Israel? What’s the origin of the American bagel? How do you stuff Kreplach? And most important: Where can you find Tchulent during the week? In Jerusalem’s ultra […]

It’s a Children’s Market! Tour of the Mahane Yehuda market

This activity will be held in Hebrew A visit to some of the market’s charming spots, where the children will learn about the market and taste some of the products available: From sweets to salad vegetables, pickles, baked goods, drinks & ice-cream. Date and time of the English tour will be published soon KOSHER Suitable […]

Three Chefs, One Dinner

What happens when three great chefs from three very different kitchens combine forces in one meal? Chefs Omar Alwan (formerly Haj Kahil), Alichanan Malchior (Tamara Sauces), and Boaz Tzairi (formerly Sakura, Boazu) bring together a dinner that mingles Arab, Galilean, Italian, and Japanese cuisines – the result? One you will not want to miss! This […]

Warming up with cold ice cream

Tickets will be available for purchase from October 17th This activity will be held in Hebrew Chef Liran EIlon invites you to his magic laboratory at Cookie Cream for a hands-on workshop, where you will learn how to prepare ice cream – starting with choosing the raw materials, through the flavors and further to the […]

The Market According to Azura

Azura has long been synonymous with Jerusalem food. The institution, founded by Ezra Sharfler, has been feeding the masses since the 1950s. Azura was one of the first eateries established in the Mahane Yehuda market, and one that shaped the market, becoming a local institution without losing its uniqueness over the years.    Azura’s story […]

From Jerusalem to Algeria and back

Chef Avi Levy takes you to the pots of his childhood in Hamotzi restaurant. The chef, who is known for his authentic food, will demonstrate the preparation of both home and street food from the Algerian and Yerushalmi cuisine he loves, revealing the secrets of their charm. In addition, Levi will demonstrate and explain how […]

Jerusalem in a Pita

Dwini, the intimate eatery helmed by chef Dini Kasorela is a whole world in itself – the latest Jerusalem culinary sensation, all served in a pita.  The simple, homey food is prepared here with sincere love that is felt in every bite. Kasorela prepares good food for those who want to eat well – a […]

Soba Go Round

Preparation and traditional eating of Soba noodles  Soba noodles got their name from the flour they are made of – buckwheat – one of the first domesticated crops in human history. This ancient noodle of Japanese culture is a must in , so much so, that a Japanese meal is incomplete without them. These noodles […]