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Wine, Taste and Democracy

On Natural Wines and the Evolution of Taste What is natural wine, and how is it different from the wines we drink and love? Why do we think that some bouquets and appearances are good, and others not so much? Join us for a conversation about wine, democracy, and the tastes. From the beginnings of […]

Culinary Fuckup Nights

Jerusalem Fuckup Nights: Jerusalem’s Culinary World So the egg broke in the batter, or you used salt instead of baking soda, or you burned the steak. No need for drama — there are culinary catastrophes far worse than yours! If you have never heard about Fuckup Nights, it is time you did! This new entrepreneurial […]

Chefs, Paper, Scissors

An exhibition of portraits on paper of Jerusalem’s prominent culinary figures During the European Renaissance, anyone who was anyone had their portraits painted by artists such as Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci. In contemporary Israel, you know you have made it when you get your portrait done on a piece of paper by Efrat (Hasson) […]

Dishes from the Tales We Love

The Lion that Loved Strawberries

Flavors of the Jerusalem street

An evening of beer and pizza inspired by Jerusalem’s neighborhoods – Mahane Yehuda market Any Jerusalemite will say that his or her neighborhood is the best one in the city. Any Jerusalemite will be able to spot where in the city you are from. That is no coincidence, since the neighborhoods here have character. All […]

Shaken, not stirred

An evening of cocktails inspired by the British Mandate period The magnificent casino located in the Georgian open-air market was a lively meeting place during the 1930s. British officers sipped whiskey and gin like water as ladies clad in bright silks smoked cigarettes with elegant holders. They wore their finest clothes, knew just which drinks […]

Hospitality by Ezra Kedem

A conversation, a walking tour, and samples Chef Ezra Kedem Before there was Instagram, before we all became foodies, and before the culinary arts took over our lives, there was Ezra Kedem, who introduced high-end restaurants to Jerusalem’s cuisine. The first chefs to star on Israeli prime time, Kedem’s name became synonymous with innovative Israeli […]

What Do Kids Like to Eat?

A Tale of Five Balloons: story reading, pictures and dinner for children Our universe contains some great mysteries. Is there life on Mars? Where is Atlantis? And where on earth did Alon’s balloon end up? All of these questions are mystifying, confusing, and have no unequivocal answer — just like the question that many parents […]

What Do Kids Like to Eat?

The Sixteenth Sheep: story reading, pictures and dinner for children “I like chocolate and cheesecake And ice pops and sweets and strawberries…” (from The Sixteenth Sheep by Yehonatan Geffen) Our universe contains some great mysteries. Is there life on Mars? Where is Atlantis? And what really happens in the Bermuda Triangle? All of these questions […]

The Breakfast Club

A decadent breakfast and an over-the-top party A truly good breakfast can lift your spirits to new heights and make the whole day a good deal better. The saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is a true one. In fact, breakfast is so important that there is only one way […]

Vegan Bites

A walking tour of Jerusalem’s vegan scene Guide: Nurit Hertz, vegan chef and Jerusalem tour guide who specializes in foraging tours and vegan and Indian cooking Just a few years ago, the rise of the vegan movement caused an earthquake in the culinary world. The realization that veganism is no passing trend, but a values-based […]

?How Do We Cook Love

A creative conversation about love, food, and wine Anat Lev-Adler and Shoshana Karbassi A relationship should be cooked over a low flame and stirred constantly, like jam. Otherwise, it burns. — from Writing and Erasing Love by Anat Lev-Adler Anat Lev-Adler — writer, journalist, and author of the best-selling novels Writing and Erasing Love and […]

Dishes from the tales we love

Pumpkin Soup

Dishes from the tales we love

My Father Always Embarrasses Me

From Licorice to the Jerusalem Artichoke

The Secrets behind the Names of Foods Named for the Capital The renaissance that Jerusalem’s culinary culture is undergoing is no surprise. Years of unique culinary identity and tradition that no other city in Israel can boast formed a strong foundation and constituted fertile ground for rebirth. So strong is Jerusalem’s identity when it comes […]

Israeli wine tasting and Tapas

An evening of Israeli wine and tapas Wine can take us on a journey of places and stories, time, and the vintners who created it. It can take us on a trip of flavors and depths, unexpected connections and exciting combinations. It can move us from the first moment of excitement when we realize that […]

Oneg Shabat Tour

A Shabbat meal, and a special introduction to the Hoffman family living in Rehavia. We will begin with a short appetizing and thought-provoking tour of the Rehavia neighborhood, which has been a home for many years in Israel’s for the elite politics, culture, creation and creativity. We will become acquainted with the variety of residents […]

The Winemaker’s Choice

An evening with the vintner of Amphorae Winery Good wine makes an already good meal a perfect one. The first bite of an entrée is a moment of discovery, filling the whole body with a pleasant surprise that makes it the best bite of all, a perfect meeting of flavors. It is the magic of […]

The Future Is Here

A conversation about the future of human presence and the realm of culinary artistry Technology has taken over our lives, making them easier and more convenient. But it has also increased alienation — stimuli are everywhere, and it is hard to avoid temptation. The immediate need for human presence in a given space is decreasing, […]

A Tapas Brunch

Some believe that the first cocktail party was invented by the British author Alec Waugh sometime in the mid-twentieth century. But a newspaper in St. Louis, Missouri reported as early as 1917 about one Mrs. Julius S. Wallace, who organized a luncheon for fifty guests one weekend, starting a local trend of similar parties. Just […]

The Knights of the Red Table

A Decadent Meal Served at Night Jousting was not the only thing that knights were known for. Even when they were just starting out as young men, knights learned how to pour wine and carve meat; the ceremony of a meal was just as important as that of a battle. At the end of a […]

Fairy Tale Night

Cocktails and bites out of legend In fairy tales, mythology, and even in the Talmud, the unicorn has always saved the human protagonist of the tale, to the extent that its popularity has only increased and it remains a fixture in the fantasy world of happiness, joy, and purity. Even when it is commercialized and […]

Fiesta: A Mexican wintertime celebration

No real Mexican fiesta is complete without rivers of mezcal flowing into drinking glasses like water. While Israelis have only recently made the acquaintance of mezcal, Mexico’s national drink, the Mexicans have had it for two thousand years. Unlike mezcal’s younger and better-known sibling, tequila, which is distilled only from the blue agave plant, mezcal […]

Nature’s Gifts: Returning to Our Roots

A foraging tour in the Jerusalem hills Imagine an enormous restaurant with an infinite variety of dishes. Everything is new and exciting, bursting with flavor, intriguing, fresh, and refreshing — and all you have to do is go there and take whatever you want. That is how we began our lives on this wondrous planet. […]

From Spain to Jerusalem

The Atelier of Tali Friedman and Chef Juanjo Perles Clear your calendar and put your cares aside. Take a break from shopping and cooking for Shabbat for a quick trip to Spain. Chef Juanjo Perles, named Spain’s Best Promising Chef  for 2017, together with chefs from Tal Friedman’s atelier in the Mahane Yehuda market, invite […]

A Feast for the Eyes

A Conversation and Encounter with Chefs in the Spirit of The Mixed Media Cookbook Keren Bar-Gil The Mixed Media Cookbook is no ordinary cookbook. It contains no recipes with romantic photographs of pie sprinkled with powdered sugar. Keren Bar-Gil’s book, which was published last summer, is not like anything you have ever seen before. It […]

From Tunisia to Palermo

An encounter, a conversation, and a meal with Jewish roots In one evening at the Ofaimme Farm Café, we will serve and talk about Tunisian cuisine, as well as what Mediterranean and Jewish identity have in common. This will be a meal with Jewish roots, with the roots of immigration between Tunisia and Marseille, between […]

!It’s Tea Time

A tea party and workshop with the Queen of Jam The British are coming back to Ein Kerem! It is told that during the Mandate period, Ein Kerem was their favorite place to spend Sundays. They would visit the cafés there and enjoy hospitality at the mukhtars’ homes. As part of the OpenRestaurants Festival, poet […]

How Do You Say “Rock ’n’ Roll” in Vegan?

How do the sounds we hear, the people we follow, and the online groups we join affect the food we eat? Everyone knows by now that the vegan revolution left its trendiness behind long ago and is now mainstream. For millions of people, it is a way of life. In the global village where everyone […]

The Architect of Desserts

When architect Elad Horn talks about stable foundations and design that speaks with the environment and is part of it, he is not talking about a new building that he is planning, but about baking. Horn, an architect who graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and from Harvard, is also the chief […]

Not by Kugel Alone

A panel of Haredi women entrepreneurs in culinary arts What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Haredi food”? If you find yourself thinking of kugel, kreplach, and gefilte fish, think again! The ongoing culinary revolution taking place around the globe, in which food is an object of desire first and a necessity […]

From Mother’s Kitchen to Chef’s Restaurant

Early in the morning each day, Chef Zakai Hooja’s mother comes to Jacko’s Street, her son’s restaurant on Agrippas Street. There she works, preparing the Tripolitan delicacies, with her own special touches, for the menu of one of Jerusalem’s most respected restaurants. Food has always been a significant part of the Hooja family culture: each […]

And We’ve Got Falafel: A Walking Tour

There is nothing more Israeli than falafel, just like there is nothing more Israeli than the decades-long dispute as to where one might find the most delicious falafel in the country. Why, in Jerusalem, of course! But here, too, the decision is not an easy one. The golden falafel ball that long ago became the […]

A monks’ restaurant

An Italian-style dinner with Franciscan influence The monastery of St. John in the Mountains is located atop the hill in the northern part of Jerusalem’s Ein Karem neighborhood. According to Christian tradition, it was built on the site where John the Baptist, who heralded the coming of Jesus and baptized him, was born. Among the […]

A world of ferment

A meal and a meeting with bread, people, and renewal Bread is the most basic, fundamental food that we eat. It is our connection with the earth and with our food sources. Join us for a unique encounter with Anomarel Ogen, one of Israel’s leading bread bakers in Israel, bread researcher, and fellow at the […]

The Taste Train that Runs from East to West and Back

A unique collaboration for the OpenRestaurants Festival between Citypass Light Rail and the Bitemojo smartphone app Train travel was never this tasty! The OpenRestaurants Festival and the Bitemojo application offer you an experience of flavors from all over — from the Mahane Yehuda market to the Old City and Damascus Gate. Given a choice between […]

“Give me Machneyuda to go”

There is no argument that the Machneyuda Group has become one of the most successful Jerusalem brands that there is, as it bursts the boundaries of the Holy City and Israel to conquer the world. The restaurant, which is named for the Mahane Yehuda shuk, or open-air market, has been a pilgrimage destination for years, […]

For Dedicated Carnivores

A workshop on smoked Argentine meats No one prepares meat like the Argentinians. It is no wonder, then, that annual per-capita meat consumption there is about one hundred kilograms (almost five times that of Israel!). Some say jokingly that if Argentina’s meat industry were to collapse, the whole country would go down with it. This […]

A Mexican love story

A workshop on the proper preparation of tacos If you have ever bitten into a tortilla, sipped a margarita, or savored guacamole (and even if you have only heard about them but never tasted them), you will certainly agree that Mexican food is joyful food: brimming with optimism, color, flavor, and love. The heritage of […]

Flavors of the Jerusalem street

An evening of beer and pizza inspired by Jerusalem’s neighborhoods – Keren Hayesod Street Any Jerusalemite will say that his or her neighborhood is the best one in the city. Any Jerusalemite will be able to spot where in the city you are from. That is no coincidence, since the neighborhoods here have character. All […]

Whiskey: Film, lecture, tasting

Have you ever seen this? A great-looking man (or woman) goes into a bar. He (or she) approaches the bartender confidently and says: “Whiskey. On the rocks.” Be the character James Bond or Don Draper from Mad Men, the starring role that whiskey plays in cinema and television is unquestioned. When a character is supposed […]

Raman- movie and soup

Café Asia in Collaboration with the Jerusalem Cinemathèque Unless you have visited Japan, your acquaintance with Japanese cuisine most likely began and ended with sushi — that is, until fairly recently. From high-end restaurants to street stalls, sushi swept Israelis into a whirlpool of seaweed, rice, and fish, and opened the door to curiosity about […]

Take Me under Your Wing

Atalia Ein Mor and the Legend of Ein Karem The staff of Agadat Ein Kerem (Ein Kerem Legend), together with internationally renowned chef Atalia Ein Mor, will take us among the stories and foods inspired by HaNevi’im Street (the Street of the Prophets), which has sparked the imaginations of Jerusalemites since the early twentieth century. […]

The Taste Train that Runs from East to West and Back

A unique collaboration for the OpenRestaurants Festival between Citypass Light Rail and the Bitemojo smartphone app Train travel was never this tasty! The OpenRestaurants Festival and the Bitemojo application offer you an experience of flavors from all over — from the Mahane Yehuda market to the Old City and Damascus Gate. Given a choice between […]

The Kurdish Experience

Kurdish hospitality and a workshop on kubbeh preparation Dalia Harfuf, the expert cook and storyteller, welcomes you to her beautiful stone house with Kurdish music, dances, and tales from her childhood. Together with light refreshments, Dalia will share her family’s and her own stories with you during a moving, laughter-filled encounter full of culture, tradition, […]

La Nuit des Croissants

A croissant celebration by night The sound of autumn rain on the window wakes you from a sound sleep. Orange leaves cover the sidewalk, and the breeze wafts some of them away into the Seine. The street is redolent with the aroma of butter. The shelves of your favorite bakery’s display window are filled with […]

La Diner de Gala

A meal inspired by Salvador Dalí With Chef Nadav Malin Everybody knows the surrealistic art works of Salvador Dalí, a collection of bizarre dreamscapes filled with imagination. Who has never seen the melting clocks in The Persistence of Memory, the bodies of the Madonna and Child with rectangular holes cut into their torsos in The […]

Disco Shuk

On a sunny but chilly noon, we will enjoy music that does our hearts good and a giant pot of soup that warms the stomachs of guests — strangers, acquaintances, and friends who are gathered to cook and eat together. The choice of soup is no coincidence, as vegetables from the nearby shuk, in search […]

Return to Fink’s

A Tribute to “Fink” Smooth your skirts and give your ties a tug: The Tower of David Museum and the OpenRestaurants Festival bring you back to the wild nights at Fink’s Bar-Restaurant. The original furniture, the bottles, the art works on the walls, the old vinyl records, the guestbook with its yellowing pages, and even […]

Bon Voyage

Now l should like to tell the dockside tales of Bahia. Old sailors who mend sails, pilots of sloops, tattooed blacks, rogues, all know these stories and these songs. I would hear them on moonlight nights on the Market wharf, in fairs, in small ports around the bay, next to huge Swedish ships at the […]

An Ocean of Flavor

The OpenRestaurants Festival’s opening event at the Israel Aquarium Come and start the festival with us down in the depths! Keren and Itzik Kadosh, the king and queen of éclairs in Jerusalem and the couple behind the Café Kadosh brand, will be hosting a one-time evening from another world in another world — deep in […]

With the Couscous and the Pinafore

Seventy Years of Israeli Food and Fashion A nation’s fashion is not the result of coincidence. It stems from the nation’s sense of style, its native climate, the practical necessities of its day-to-day lifestyle, and the ingredients that grow and are processed in its country’s landscape . — Fini Leitersdorf (Israeli fashion designer, 1906–1986) Chef Assaf […]

A Meal on the Move

When we hear the name Ein Karem, our imagination takes flight. The lovely urban village of Ein Karem, with its buildings constructed of ancient Jerusalem stone set in a sea of forest green, contains stories and cuisine from times past that awaken all the senses. But Ein Karem’s beauty exists not only within its walls, […]

On Food and Love

A chef’s meal touched with nostalgia and autumn breezes The historic building that houses the Alegra Boutique Hotel was built by Alegra Belo, a Jewish woman, and her Arab Christian husband, Jaber Francis Rahil. The story of their love — one of Jerusalem’s best-known stories — continues to fill the space in the building with […]

Basta for a Day

  Danone Yogurt by Strauss joined us for a project “Basta for a Day” where we invited people to prepare and send us a light dish based on fresh market products and made with Danone Yogurt by Strauss. Out of the dozens of participants, three winners were chosen and they are going to serve their […]

Saturday Mornings Are the Best Time for Coffee

On a Saturday morning in Jerusalem, we will head downtown, which is so crowded during the week, but calm and lovely on Saturdays, with no trains or traffic noise. We will discover the special, intimate cafés where every Jerusalem resident who craves a good cup of coffee in the morning in a pleasant atmosphere and […]

Yeast Secrets

Have you ever tried to stop nibbling on that babka cake?  If you have succeeded, then you are our hero because there is nothing stronger than a hot babka that has just come out of the oven, the smell that excites all senses, the soft bite that melts in your mouth, and the tremendous sense […]

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Passion fruit cream, sea salt, sabras, lychee and even basil. Dark milk and even white chocolate. When Forrest Gump released one of the most famous movie scenes into the world, he didn’t even know that the possibilities were so abundant. Such are the pralines of Ya’ara Kalmanovitch’s cocoa forest, full of surprises that delight the […]

The Haredi Street at Night

In recent years, a window opened onto the nightlife in Jerusalem’s Haredi neighborhoods. We will head out for a unique sensory experience of flavors, fragrances, sights, and sounds as we walk in the footsteps of the yeshiva students who go out for food and drink to refresh themselves at the end of a long day […]

Jerusalem in a Pita

Dwini, the intimate eatery helmed by chef Dini Kasorela is a whole world in itself – the latest Jerusalem culinary sensation, all served in a pita.  The simple, homey food is prepared here with sincere love that is felt in every bite. Kasorela prepares good food for those who want to eat well – a […]

It’s a Children’s Market!

A Tour of the Mahane Yehuda market A visit to some of the market’s charming spots, where the children will learn about the market and taste some of the products available: From sweets to salad vegetables, pickles, baked goods, drinks & ice-cream. *The tour will be as planned in case of light rain, it is […]

Food Stories in the Old City

Within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, humbly and modestly hides a culinary culture, unbeknownst to most, that is particularly extensive and appetizing. This tour will reveal the food legends of the Old City. We will visit restaurants specializing in hummus peeking out from between souvenir shops and Middle Eastern juice stands. It […]

A Night at the Holy City

This activity will be held in Hebrew At night, the holy city wakes up and goes out for some fun. The city center fills with tables laden with food and drinks and a wide variety of party revelers. We’ll start our tour in the ever-changing Nahalat Shiva neighborhood, and end up at the continuous party […]

A Taste of Shabat

This activity will be held in Hebrew and English What’s the difference between Kugel and Kiegel? How was Gefilte fish made in Europe and why did the ingredients change in Israel? What’s the origin of the American bagel? How do you stuff Kreplach? And most important: Where can you find Tchulent during the week? In […]

From Challah to Za’atar

If there are two dominant aromas that will get you out into the Jerusalem streets, they are the aroma of freshly baked challah on Friday morning, which fills the air with sweet warmth, and the tantalizing fragrance that bursts out the moment one opens the paper wrapping that encloses za’atar (hyssop), in which we will […]

Israel’s Capital, aka the Beer City

This activity will be held in Hebrew A walking tour with a tasting at the Herzl Beer Factory The world of Israeli beer has been rejuvenated in recent years with the founding of small local breweries that are producing special types of beer that make a statement. One of the most prominent is Jerusalem’s first […]

Chef for a day

If there is one profession that successfully combines the dream of every mother, crossing boundaries of medicine and law with the heyday of a rock ‘n’ roll star, there is no doubt that it is that of a chef. It is not surprising at all when it comes to a trade, that combines the precision […]

Warming up with cold ice cream

Chef Liran EIlon invites you to his magic laboratory at Cookie Cream for a hands-on workshop, where you will learn how to prepare ice cream – starting with choosing the raw materials, through the flavors and further to the different designs, and finally to tasting the perfect cold ice cream served between two mouth melting […]