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Ido Garini, founder and creative director of Studio Appetit, the Netherlands, a worldwide pioneer in his field of combinating culinary arts with design, arts and marketing.

Food — the user experience — It’s been a long time since food was just a means of survival. Food and its consumption define our daily lives and has become the ultimate way of self-expression, creativity and entertainment. How did food leave its past boundaries of the table, restaurant and kitchen to become an instrument of art, design and marketing?

Shir Halpern, owner and co-founder of Tel Aviv’s Farmers Market

What will our grandchildren’s plate look like? — A look at how the global food crisis will shape the food of future generations. What business opportunities can be discovered in this crisis? And what food technologies are being developed to overcome the problem?

Dr. Shira Rosen, packaging development manager, Strauss Group

Same thing, new look — How new packaging can transform user experience — Packaging has a central role in the consumers’ choice. In the world of consumer goods, packaging plays a central role in creating an interactive experience for the consumer looking for excitement.

Maayan Priluk, technology reporter and culinary innovator

The meal of the future — Imagine a robot that will bring our purchases home from the supermarket, a pizza delivery drone, a 3D printer that will prepare our dinners and a magic pill that will change our sense of taste. This is how our food will look in the future.

Dagan Eshel, innovation manager, Strauss Group

Innovation and suspicion — Why has the term innovation such slippery connotations, and why is it so hard for industry and food industry managers to recognize the importance of innovation? How can we reach a balance between innovation and the wariness surrounding it?

Izak Siva, marketing specialist, CEO of B.Smart Retail

The pantry — Popular demand for culinary knowledge and activities is on a constant rise. Meeting this demand and adapting it for different population groups is a growing marketing sector. Siva will present the different retail trends and models dealing with this challenge.

Ilanit Kabessa, head of corporate innovation & digital business unit at Nestle Israel, Osem Group

Good food, good life — Technological and scientific developments are transforming the food industry. Startups, new production technologies, sensors and bacteria are just a few of the components in this revolution which is redefining the food-nutrition-technology-consumer relationship.

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MassChallenge is the most startup-friendly accelerator in the world. A non-profit organization, it focuses on promoting startups facing global challenges. MassChallenge is active in five locations: Boston, London, Mexico and Israel, and is working to widen its network further. The accelerator is among the ten largest accelerators in the world and the most successful.

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